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How to gain market share in the project business

28.10.2019 / News

by Jörg Pütz

The construction industry in Germany will remain on a stable course of growth in 2020. While in the construction of one-family houses a stagnation will occur, there will be an upswing for apartment buildings and the modernization of them will grow strongly.

Therefore for many construction supply companies additional growth opportunities arise in the contract business . In my conversations with companies the architect and the planner are always mentioned as a relevant target audience. However it is the interior designer who makes the most of the specifications in the interior area. To address the right interior designers of the about 4,000 interior designers in Germany it is therefore an important factor to consider, when having the ambition to gain market share in the project business.

While traders pay rather attention to the trade of products and services the interior designers are focused on the unity of space and human. That is why the approach of interior designers has to be different than the one of the trade customers. The essential basis for addressing the interior designers is: what are the right topics for them, the right touchpoints and the right tools?
Just to give one example: for the overall specification of a building an interior designer has often just a few days. So saving time is key to the interior designers. It becomes clear that construction supply companies with innovative, time saving solutions through their product range and services are able to differentiate from the competitors and are not only measured by the best price for the project.

Not just products also the right services together with a competent support by the field service make the big difference! The proximity to these target groups, their tasks and processes open up new perspectives and idea spaces.

What experiences do you have in the cooperation with interior designers?

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