Förderung des Handwerks bei seiner Positionierung reduziert Channelkonflikte

Der klassische Vertriebsweg ist in Deutschland für viele Hersteller nach wie vor die Umsatzsä...


How to gain planners

Manufacturers in the construction supply sector often call planners in the project business a...


Transformation into a B2B2C business model

Today digitization offers manufacturers in multi-level distribution channels new opportunitie...


Success factors of the eCommerce in China

Due to the increasing stagnation of the economy and the limited capacity of craftsmen in Germ...


How to gain market share in the project business

The construction industry in Germany will remain on a stable course of growth in 2020. While ...

18.10.2019 / News

Make things people want

Craftsmen in Germany are increasingly under pressure: rising consumer demands, skills shortages, digitization, more complex products etc. are important topics that move them daily and prepare them sleepless nights.

10.10.2019 / News

Creating a successful future for your company

After years of explosive, prosperous economic growth has the boom come to an end.
Due to the high investment in properties is the order volume in the building industry still relatively high.
How will the future for the building industry look like?
How is it possible for companies in this business to create further growth?