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Creating a successful future for your company

10.10.2019 / News

by Jörg Pütz

After years of explosive, prosperous economic growth has the boom come to an end for many companies.
Due to the high investment in properties by the end consumers is the order volume in the building industry still relatively high.
However, the lack of capacity of craftsmen is limiting growth.
How is it possible for companies in this business to grow further?
How will the future for the building industry look like?

The building supply sector is characterized by product and technology specialists. To increase market share with limited capacity it is essential to identify your customers' pain points and to inspire them with innovative solutions. Higher customer proximity and an Outside-in perspective are crucial for further growth.

Therefore growth-driven marketing can take upon entrepreneurial task such as:

  • identifying your customers' pain points
  • developing solution concepts beyond product level
  • creating pull-effects in the market with innovative solutions in order to solve customers' pain points and creating market advantages

The market and marketing strategy of a company must therefore be adapted to the environmental and structural changes in order to create a successful future and to be well positioned in the market. Setting up innovation and growth strategies with a holistic understanding of marketing and sales helps companies to create a successful future. So marketing contains more than communication.

My mission is to provide companies with marketing strategies which create growth for a successful and prosperous future.

So what are the pain points of your customers?

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