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How to gain planners

03.12.2019 / News

by Jörg Pütz

Manufacturers in the construction sector often call planners in the project business as an important target group and they are often put in the same context as architects.
However their area of responsibilities vary significantly. While the architect has an eye on the architecture for the entire building and pays more attention to design and functionality of products, the planner goes much deeper. He pays attention to the fact that it also works technically, the quality is correct and it is also in the price range of the client. He feels particularly obliged to the client. Therefore a neutrality of manufacturers is important to him to be able to offer his client the best solutions.

The range of products therefore plays a rather subordinate role for the planner. More important to him is the assortment depth of a manufacturer. As a planner he assembles the project-specific combinations of product items.

The time requirements for planners have increased significantly in recent years because the projects have become more complex and the number of rescheduling have increased by volatile decisions of the owner and by immature planning of adjacent crafts. To make matters worse the capacity of craftsmen is very limited.

Therefore BIM (Building Information Modeling) is becoming increasingly important to many planners and many even require the provision of BIM data to be listed as a relevant manufacturer. The big advantage of BIM is that even before the construction a digital simulation of the project is drafted. By this BIM minimizes planning errors, allows quick calculations, quantifies additional costs and shows alternatives. The rescheduling is easier and faster to handle.

BIM will therefore be an important differentiating factor for construction suppliers in the project business.

Are you already BIM-enabled?

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