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Reaching your customers brand suitable with digital tools

19.05.2020 / News

by Jörg Pütz

Staying with your customer in contact is one essential success factor in order to generate growth and revenue.
Especially in times of cancelled events, trade shows and workshops it is really important to seek the contact with the customer.

Accordingly, to a survey from McKinsey has the current pandemic long lasting impact on the consumer behavior.
41% of the consumers would like to buy fewer products.

Listening to your customer and the faced challenges, obstacles and problems helps companies to produce and set up products
and services which are highly requested by the consumer. This generates trust and companies meet their customers on an eye-to-eye level.

When such a service or product is set up the companies face the challenge how to communicate the launch with its customers.
Online products consultations are here a very modern and new way to communicate the launch of a new product or service. 

However using online video conferencing tools is often not professional enough. Further you are often facing data security problems.
One even more crucial point is lack of the online reach and how to promote this video conference of your new products and services on your companies website and social media channels?

Video conferences of suppliers for so called "digital trade shows" are a first step to promote product launches. However, these are time restricted and do not fulfil the brand's values. As above mentioned listening to your customers' needs is crucial for companies to set up useful services, which matches the customers' needs. That is why companies have to be able to have their own webinar and video conference area on their website.

A small range of companies do offer now a professional webinar offer, which are integrated into their website, it suits their brand and it is possible to boost the online reach (e.g. Blanke (https://www.blanke-training.de/)

So how are you staying in touch with your customers? Looking forward to your experiences.

Source: https://www.mckinsey.de/news/presse/2020-05-07-corona-consumer-sentiment-survey-wave-5

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